Well, for the past few weeks I’ve been reporting to you regarding the new faces we see. 20 in the past three weeks. Tonight it resulted in us serving 57 people including all our new faces with another 4 on the streets as from this evening . Yes, 57 ! The most I have ever served in all the time I have been with this wonderful charity. The rain got us tonight but it wasn’t heavy.

Fern Lovely turned up with bagfuls of sweets, toiletries, flannels, foam ground mats, sleeping bags and Lord knows what else.

As usual, we had a crowd of 7 around us waiting for good as they were so hungry. One of them was the 18 year old pregnant girl from yesterday. We were able to give her one of the sleeping bags and foam ground mats that Fern bought so at least she would be warm. The others took the sleeping bags, tents, toiletries etc so Fern knows exactly where her donations went to. Thank you very much indeed.

We gave out so much tonight, we returned with virtually empty trollies. We served sandwiches and cake from Diane Knght, Hot food from Claire Hardy and Caroline Stevens, pastries from Co op food share and sweets from Fern Lovely. Thank you everyone for your help in the food department.

Our supersonic team tonight , pictured below, was Will Flett, Margaret Robinson, Caroline Stevens, Jemma Collins, Laura Carrick, Debbie Griffiths, Victoria Williams. Thank you all very much and for being part of an historic night ( serving 57 people).

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