Rain was forecast. I hoped we would avoid it but no, we got caught in it. Just a shower though, no heavy stuff so got away lightly again. Lucky us.

A crowd gathered as soon as I started unpacking the car, all so very hungry. One of them a young pregnant girl, so we gave her extra food for which she was most grateful.

We gave out 41 breakfast pack and served 43 people in total. 8 new faces this evening. 6 guys and 2 girls, one of them the pregnant 18 year old. We gave out sleeping bags, clothes, survival sheets, toiletries, a torch, lots of water and food.

Thank you Diane Knght for the cake which went down well and had them coming back for more and for the sandwiches. Thank you to Claire Hardy for hot food and Vicki Taylor for the gluten free cake as one of our homeless is gluten free. He was delighted. Pastries and iced fancies given to us by Co op Foodshare and sandwiches donated by Hastings Direct, our charity partner for 2019. Most people were in good spirits and everyone as usual, so very grateful to us. A couple of people thought they had missed us and came running after us to make sure they got their food for the night. Just goes to show we are a much needed service.

My thanks to our superstar volunteers. Tonight’s crew were Will Flett, Emma Williams, Pixie Del-la Fontaroy , Sarah Heath, Jamie Francis Windless and Curtis Delyn . Thank you for making the streets of Eastbourne a better place.

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