You can’t say we don’t get any drama in Eastbourne, you just can’t. The night started as I drove through thick black cloud , threatening torrential rain. It was very overcast and raining quite heavily. I thought, oh dear, we are going to get soaked tonight. By the time I drove to the seafront it was if I’d driven to a different world. Bright, sunny with blue skies. I breathed a sigh of relief . Our homeless friends don’t need to get wet tonight and nor do we. We were very lucky as we stayed dry all night.

However, back to the drama.

I had a crew of 7 tonight and whilst walking along the sea front we noticed a group of 25-30 foreign students on the beach. Nothing unusual in that. What caught our attention was 8-10 of them were actually in the sea. Some waist high and some thigh high. We were all concerned in case the kids were swept away by quite a rough sea. We did what anyone would do and called Police. They very quickly sent an area car down to talk to the kids and hopefully lives were saved.

Emergency over, we continued our walk along the pre determined route we always walk. The homeless know where we are at any given time and God help us if we are late! We get told off!

We saw 44 people tonight and I’m VERY pleased to report that no one was turned away and we fed everyone. It’s a great feeling.

One of the young lads ran after us as he had moved from his normal position and we didn’t know . He heard the trollies rumbling in the distance and ran with all His might to get his food and breakfast pack. I’m glad we didn’t miss him. It’s no fun for an eighteen year old out on the streets.

We didn’t see the young girl from yesterday who was so distraught so we couldn’t check on her, unfortunately. we saw 4 new faces today plus the 6 from yesterday makes 10 new mouths to feed this week.

We took plenty of lovely food with us to night. I want to say a big thank you to the lovely Ami Southgate who after reading the status last night, made a large donation and told me to go out and get what we needed. So I did. Thank you for your continued support Ami. You know I can’t thank you enough, from the last time we were recipients of your generosity. Claire Hardy and Caroline Stevens made casserole and pizza tonight which went down a treat. Their casseroles are now legendary. Diane Knght made cakes and sandwiches and Vicki Taylor made lovely rock cakes and a gorgeous sponge. Pastries were from Co op foodshare. Whilst walking along Bhavin from Best-One in Terminus Rd came and gave up 2 bags of almost sell by dated food. Our homeless friends soon dived into and were especially delighted by the milk shakes in the bags. A lot of whoops and ooohs! Thanks Kathy Culshaw for dropping the trollies off earlier . Our super duper team tonight to whom I owe enormous thanks. : Clare Hamilton, Claire Hardy, Caroline Stevens, Will Flett, Victoria Williams, Lisa Pack. Thank you all for making Eastbourne a nicer place tonight.

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