What a crazy busy night! So many hungry, cold people. We ran out of casserole ( thank you for making it Claire Hardy) , we ran out of sandwiches ( thank you for making them Diane Knght), we ran out of cake ( again Diane Knight) , we ran out of breakfast packs, coffee and hot chocolate, men’s socks and boxers, men’s clothing , we ran out of almost everything.

We saw 6 new people today, 4 men and two women. We gave them sleeping bags and blankets, survival sheets, ground sheets etc. And food. Plenty of food as they were ravenous.

We met a lovely chap tonight who was distraught because he’d split up with the mother of his child. Two of the volunteers spent their time chatting to him, just lifting his spirits and giving him a chance to get it all off his chest.

While that was going on, a distraught woman was in a terrible state as her baby wouldn’t stop crying. This lady is in a half way house so still by law homeless as she’s in a hostel. A couple of other volunteers had a word with her telling her she was doing very well. She told us she felt very isolated and she had no one to turn to. She really was at the end of her tether.

Just after we had dealt with them both, a chap came over to tell us he had just been involved in a fracas and was trying to help a female assistant in a shop. So we stopped and listened to him too.

Warming Up The Homeless really isn’t just about giving out food and hot drinks. It’s taking the time to talk to our homeless friends, to spend some time with them, show compassion, lift spirits and generally to let them know someone is there for them. Quite often they have no one else in the world.

So, all in all an emotional night, very busy but at least it kept dry for us! And at least we all had homes to go to.

We gave out 45 breakfast packs and ran out of virtually everything so had to turn away more than 10 people, which is always upsetting. Our super duper team worked so well together tonight . Thank you very much Scott O’Rourke, Jeannette Muddle, Kathy Culshaw, Wendy Davis, Denise Day ( thank you Denise for our lovely new trollies and to your lovely mum for her donation) Marie-Pierre Pradillon, and newbie Jemma Collins who was fantastic! Well done all. 😊 Also well done to Marie for bringing down the contents of her collection box at work( picture below) to Jemma for her clothing donations and to Jeannette Muddle for her 3 sleeping bags. 😊

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